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This special box of chocolates for the spring includes the following confections:       

Lavender Salted Caramels – Made using fresh cream, vanilla beans and flower buds from Woodinville Lavender.  Delicious and addictive!

Venezuelan Butterflies – Two solid chocolate butterflies made of single origin chocolate from the Lake Maracaibo area in western Venezuela.  This Sur del Lago chocolate, by Guittard, is a delicate chocolate with deep, red fruity notes, and hints of berries and cherries.

Caramelia Flower – A solid milk made by Valrhona in France using genuine dairy-based caramel as a main ingredient.  It has milky velvetiness, an intense and strong creamy caramel flavor and savory hints of shortbread.

Jasmine Truffle – A dark, dark Belgian chocolate truffle center with just a hint of jasmine in the finish. 

Honey truffle (topped with gold bees and flowers) – A dab of summer Wildflower honey is enclosed in a milk chocolate/honey truffle and enrobed in dark chocolate.  Local pasture blooms from the Duvall area are the source of Val’s Surroundings delicious honey.

Fiori di Sicilia – Italian for Flower of Sicily, this dark Belgian chocolate has a pleasing hint of fresh citrus, flowers, and vanilla.

12-PC FLOWER BOX - $22.00    Two each of the above confections in a 2-layer gold box, tied with a ribbon.