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A nice surprise for your special trick-or-treaters......

POPPING FROG - $3.50     Milk chocolate, buttery toffee bits and pop rocks.  Let it linger in your mouth and feel the explosion!                                2-1/2" x 1-3/4" x 1/2" 

Available in November:

Large Chocolate Turkey (with drumsticks) $75.00                                  This 9" tall, hollow chocolate turkey is molded in high quality dark chocolate with feathers and fine details using white and milk chocolates.  Served to you on a platter surrounded by Turkey Drumsticks (pretzels dipped in caramel, milk chocolate and dark chocolate).  About 3 lbs.

Caramel Turkey Drumsticks $3.50 each                           The best part of the turkey, made of pretzels dipped in caramel, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

Medium Turkey - $20.00                          This 8" high, hollow turkey is made of delicious milk chocolate.  It's dessert for the whole family, and these turkey leftovers make great chocolate chip cookies!  About 16 oz.    

Small Place-Setting Turkeys $4.00 each or $30.00 for a box of 8                   Delightful as place-settings, these tasty turkeys are made with your choice of milk or dark chocolate, nestled into a clear sack and tied with gold ribbon.  About 1 oz. each (2-1/2")