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2022 Holiday Classes:  Enjoy creating delicious chocolate delicacies for your friends and family.  Relaxed and fun classes for 3-6 people are held at Wellington Chocolates' kitchen in Woodinville.  Choose the type of class that suits you:

#1 Truffles - We will make a ganache to fill molded truffles, dip dark and milk chocolate truffle squares along with salted caramels.  To finish, we will package everything up in beautiful gold boxes.

#2 Stocking Stuffers - Dark, milk and white chocolates will be available to make peppermint and other flavored barks using colorful transfer sheets and texture sheets. We will also dip cookies and use molds to make Christmas lollipops or small chocolate bars.

#3 Hot Chocolate Bombs - Choose from peanut butter, coffee, peppermint or just plain delicious chocolate flavors for you "bombs".  Fill them with marshmallows, peppermint, m&m's and more.  Decorate them with sprinkles or chocolate designs, make them look like snowmen or Christmas ornaments......

Wellington Chocolates will provide everything you need, including boxes, cellophane and ribbons to finish off your creations with flair  You will go home with recipes, new skills, an array of chocolate gifts and a smile on your face.

Classes are $60 per person.
All Classes last about 2 to 2-1/2 hours.

Dates for Holiday Classes: 

  • Monday, November 28th          10:00am or 7:00pm
  • Tuesday, November 29th         10:00am or 7:00pm
  • Thursday, December 1st.         10:00am or 7:00pm
  • Saturday, December 3rd          10:00am or 7:00pm

E-mail info@wellingtonchocolates.com or call 425.486.2270 to sign up for a class.



Chocolate Tempering Class                   $60 per person

In this hands-on 2-1/2-3 hour class, you will get up-close and personal with chocolate. Learn how to make chocolate ganache filling for truffle centers,learn 3 different ways to temper delectable dark chocolate, then dip and decorate sinfully diving truffles and/or caramels.  Boxes wrappings and ribbon will be provided and you will head home with plenty of confections to share.


Chocolate Tasting Class             $25 per person

Class participants will be guided in a tasting of dark milk and white chocolates made by some of the world's finest chocolate makers and also compare single-origin dark chocolates during a presentation of chocolate history and facts.  This class includes your choice of a Wellington chocolate 3,5 oz bar,  Chocolates that you taste will be available with a 10% discount on all purchases made the day of the class.  Classes last about 1 hour.

E-mail info@wellingtonchocolates.com or call 425.486.2270 to sign up for a class.