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$7.50 ORANGE BAR             Dark chocolate with glazed orange peel and caramelized cacao nibs.    3.5 Oz.


$7.50 CARAMEL MILK CHOCOLATE - This milk chocolate, made with real caramel and sprinkled with sea salt has a distinct toffee/caramel flavor and is unforgettably smooth .  3.5 oz.

$7.50  SALTED TOFFEE - Smooth and creamy dark and milk chocolates are mixed with crunchy, buttery toffee bits and sprinkled with sea salt from the Washington coast.  3.5 oz.

$7.50  DARK CHOCOLATE WITH PISTACHIOS AND ALMONDS - Single origin Venezuelan 65% chocolate with salted pistachios and almonds.         3.5 oz.

$7.50  FIREWORKS BAR - This bar combines milk chocolate, toffee and pop rocks for a deliciously crunchy "explosion"!   3.5 oz.

$7.50  COFFEE BAR - Made with delicious, crunchy bits of coffee from Quest Coffee Company in Bothell and single origin chocolate from Colombia then sprinkled with a touch of sea salt from the Washington coast.   3.5 oz.

$7.50  HOT CHOCOLATE BAR - Made with dark chocolate and just a bit of heat from dried peppers.  3.5 oz.