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3.5 ounce Bars by Wellington Chocolates : $7.00 each

CARAMEL MILK CHOCOLATE - This milk chocolate, made with real caramel and sprinkled with sea salt is unforgettably smooth with a distinct toffee/caramel flavor.

SALTED TOFFEE - Smooth and creamy dark and milk chocolates are mixed with crunchy, buttery toffee bits and sprinkled with sea salt from the Oregon coast.

DARK CHOCOLATE WITH PISTACHIOS AND ALMONDS - Fine dark chocolate, sprinkled with salted pistachios and almonds.

MILK CHOCOLATE AND HAZELNUTS - Creamy milk chocolate mixed with DuChilly hazelnuts from Lynden, Washington.

FIREWORKS BAR - This seasonal bar combines milk chocolate, toffee and pop rocks for a deliciously crunchy "explosion"!  


COFFEE BAR - Made with Quest coffee and dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt.

HOT CHOCOLATE BAR - Made with dark chocolate and dried peppers.


Taste your way around the world with this selection of nine single origin bars made by some of the world's finest producers.  This $50.00 value includes: 

  • Amedei - Jamaica 70%
  • Michel Cluizel - Papua New Guinea 65% and Sao Tome 67%
  • Domori - Tanzania 70%
  • E. Guittard - Madagascar 65% and Venezuela 65%
  • Waialua Estate - Hawaii 70%
  • Pacari - Ecuador 65%
  • Pralus - Sao Tome 75%
  • A description of each chocolate and a world map is included in the box shown below:

Many of the bars in "A World of Chocolate" are available individually.  Send an email or call to inquire.