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Wellington Chocolates will be closed (starting May 17th) for the summer, except for special events and special orders.  Toffee, caramels and chocolate bars will still be available at retail locations noted in Where to Buy Chocolates.  See you in October with the usual fall line-up (Pumpkin, Pear, Walnut....).

Welcome to the Wellington Chocolates website. The chocolates I use are of the highest quality from producers around the world.  I pair each choice of truffle center with the milk, dark or white chocolate that best enhances its flavor and all chocolates are made in small batches with close attention to detail. 

An assortment of single origin chocolate bars are now available through Wellington Chocolates.  The varieties change occasionally, both the producers and the countries of origin for these fine flavored chocolates.

Looking for delicious single-origin truffles from Madagascar, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru....?  I rotate my truffles, but always carry fresh single-origin truffles.  Try a sample at one of my chocolate tasting events.

Each major holiday, I offer something special.  Some of my offerings include popping frogs and spiders at Halloween; large, hand painted turkey centerpieces, and small, place-setting turkey truffles at Thanksgiving; a beautifully hand decorated (with colored cocoa butter) Santa at Christmas; heart-shaped boxes for Valentine's day and during the Easter season you will find a huge, filled chocolate egg and a basket-toting bunny with a spotted scarf.

Again, welcome to Wellington Chocolates, and I look forward to adding you to my family of loyal and happy customers!